AR/VR Alliance

The AR/VR Studio also supports the first student club officially associated with the Harvard Innovation Labs, the Harvard University Augmented and Virtual Reality Student Alliance which is a university-wide student group officially recognized by the Harvard Graduate Council and the Harvard Innovation Labs.

The Student Alliance’s mission supported by the Harvard Innovation Labs is to build a community where students, staff, faculty, alumni, community partners, and industry leaders come together to discuss AR/VR opportunities and develop AR/VR solutions for the world. Collaboration efforts to provide opportunities for students from the expertise of each of the 12 Harvard schools and to support our members actively involved with projects, startups and labs on campus.


[Photo Caption]AR/VR Alliance: Luna Yuan, Joanne Cheung, Qi Xiong, Peter Chen, Paul Xie, Hunter Lin, Derrick Hsu, Nathan Saucier, Yie Yin, Evan Brown, Ryan Lee, Dianne Lee, Alice Yang