How to create audio content in the Media Studio

Recording audio in the Media Studio

  • Confirm that the mobile recording cart, and all of its pieces are powered ON
  • Confirm that the microphones are plugged into inputs 1-3 in theTASCAM mixer
  • Confirm that the +48v switch is turned ON

  • Confirm that the USB cable is plugged into both theTASCAM and the dedicated laptop
  • Turn the computer on, and open the GarageBand, or Audacity software
  • Bring the microphones close to you [about the distance of 4 fingers from your mouth to the mic], with the mic number label facing you
  • While wearing headphones, speak into the microphone and adjust the gain knobs on the Tascam to right before the signal light indicator turns red while speaking
  • Set all mic levels with the gain knobs around the same position to start.
  • *Any microphones not used should be turned all the way down*
  • On the recording software, select a recording template [if available]
  • Confirm that the recording software is getting levels as you speak into the microphone
  • Press the record button on the recording software [red circle on the main transport]
  • When finished press the stop button on the software
  • Save/Export your file to the desktop of the computer and place it on a personal USB stick for transport [note: audio files can sometimes be large]

Best Practices:

  • The host should monitor the TASCAM mic levels during recording
  • Handle the microphones with care
  • Adjust the gain levels while recording if you are seeing the red indicator light up on the TASCAM
  • Use the small headphone amplifier/mixer to adjust the volume to a comfortable listening level