How to create video in the Media Studio

Sony NXCAM HXR-NX80 (HD and 4K video camcorder)

Filming with Automatic Settings

To charge, plug charging cable in lower right next to battery. Note—the battery will not be charging when camera is on. Make sure the camera is set to “Auto” on the left hand back.



1 To start shooting: open monitor on left and camera should turn on automatically. If it doesn’t, press the power button on the upper left. If you want to see yourself, you can flip the monitor, there is a remote to use for self-filming. Note: if your eye (or anything) comes close to the viewfinder, the monitor will go to black.



2 Make sure there is an SD card (or two) in the slots labeled SD (covered on left of camera). To clear card before filming, hit the ‘menu’ button on front left of camera body. Then use the joystick (back right or camera, next to record button), to toggle down to ‘others’, then scroll down to “media format” and press joystick in, select the card you want to clear and push joystick button in.



3 You can select the slot you want to use by pressing “slot select” (above SD card slot). You will see on the monitor whether slot A or B is chosen.



4 The shotgun microphone should be already plugged in. The mic should be plugged into “input one” with settings as follows: Ch1CH2, volume knob to auto, and ATT to 0 (if your audio is too loud, adding ATT will lower it). Make sure that the green “Mic +48” is selected.



5 To test audio levels: If the mic is working you should also see bars move on lower right of viewing monitor where it says, “channel 1 channel 2”. The bars should be hitting the middle and right-hand quadrant of the bars, but not go into the red. It is recommended that you use headphones while recording to make sure you aren’t picking up too much background noise. Headphone jack is on lower left under SD slot.
6 Make sure ND filter is set to “clear” (on back left of camera)



7 Unless you are using Green Screen (see below), it is recommended that you shoot in 1080P (HD), as opposed to 4k, which will take up way more space. The viewfinder should say AVCHD 1080/24P in the upper left and you shouldn’t need to adjust menu settings.
8 To record, press the “start/stop” button (red dot) on the back right of the camera (there is another one on the top of the handle). It should say “REC” in red letters on the viewfinder when recording and STBY in green when paused.



9 Zooming — ensure that the toggle on left of lens is set to ‘zoom’, then use the lens ring to zoom.



10 Reviewing clips — Press the “thumbnail” button on the top right of left side of camera. Select the type of footage you want to review in the menu (note, some functions on the monitor are touchscreen, but please use the joystick instead wherever possible).



11 You are responsible for offloading your footage, cards will be cleared after your uses. Please shut off camera (with the power button on left side). Please leave camera exactly as you found it and safely stored.

Offloading, editing, lighting, tripods, and Green Screen

Please see a TA for a training or video workshop for manual-mode filming, lighting, tripod setup, offloading footage, and editing. There is also a green screen available that requires different camera settings. We can train you to use Adobe Premiere and suggest relevant tutorials as well.