More Investors, Less Effort with SVB’s CipherBio

5:00 pm — 6:00 pm
Thursday, February 18, 2021
Virtual Event via Zoom

Finding investors is a challenging task for first time founders and early stage ventures. Who are the active investors in your space? How much will they invest? Will they invest early? These are all critical questions when defining your outreach and roadshow strategy. This overview and tour of SBV’s CipherBio platform will guide you through the unique tool’s benefits in revealing investors and networks to bioentrepreneurs of all venture stages.

Speaker: Anton Xavier, Director SVB Startup Banking Life Sciences at SVB Financial Group & Matthew Gibbs

About the Speaker:

Anton Xavier: Anton Xavier leads SVB’s efforts in NY and the Northeast to support the creation and growth of early stage life science ventures.

Prior to SVB, Anton worked at the NY State Center for Biotechnology focusing on the development and implementation of technology and business development strategies to increase sponsored research, company formation, strategic alliances, and investment with external partners.

Prior to that Anton was with Pfizer where he had duties within the External Science and Innovation group (ES&I) focusing on sourcing, screening, and evaluating early through to late stage (inter)national biopharma ventures, entrepreneurial academic PI technology, private/public/local government funded life science initiatives, and funding vehicles which aligned with Pfizer’s R&D interest for investment and strategic partnerships. Additionally, Anton led efforts within Pfizer R&D from discovery through to late stage development of targeted therapeutics for oncology indications.

Anton’s academic experience has impacted a wide field of bioscience, including regenerative medicine, infectious disease, and cardiovascular biology where he developed multiple therapeutic, platform, and diagnostic innovations for military and industrial needs.

Anton earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management, a Master of Science (MSc) in Toxicology from Imperial College London and a dual major Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biochemistry with Microbiology from Queen Mary and Westfield University of London.

Matthew Gibbs: After 20+ years as a venture investor in technology and healthcare companies, I’m working with SVB Financial Group to build CipherBio, the first life science market intelligence platform that gives you interactive dashboards allowing you to drill-down by indication, approaches and clinical stage pipeline data in real-time. Built for VC’s, investors and founders conducting due diligence, competitive intelligence and raising capital.

As a VC, I invested in 12 companies, syndicated with 40+ VC/PE firms and acted as the founding CEO of two startup companies. For Oxford funds II, III, IV and V, I traveled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Kuwait, Tokyo and Russia to secure $950M of LP commitments. Thank you to the Oxford LPs, my Partners and to our Founders/CEOs for 18+ Brilliant Years at Oxford!


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More Investors, Less Effort with SVB’s CipherBio
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