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Oct 13, 2015

CANCELLED - How Are You Going to Make Money?

In the race to get a startup idea off the ground, founders focus on getting a MVP completed, finding talent to expand the team and then, the much-dreaded exercise of raising money. In the frenzy of it all, they at times overlook the fundamental question of how will I (or I and my investors) make money? They have a general, very high level idea about the possible paths, but most of the time they have not homed in on the monetization path or actual business model. And, that is a mistake.
Join Rudina Seseri, Harvard Innovation Lab EIR and Partner at Fairhaven Capital, in this workshop where Rudina will advise a select few VIPs before the entire group on tactics and advice for their best strategy for making money. This is a great chance to learn what other teams are doing and get tips for how you should be thinking about it for your own venture.

Bonus: Do you want advice from Rudina on your startup’s strategy? Let us know for a chance to be selected (limited spots available).