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Feb 17, 2015

Creating a Great Product is Just the Beginning!

Focusing on getting to market and distribution, whilst also maintaining the integrity of both the quality and impact values of the product/company as you grow, can be challenging. In this workshop, Adam Melonas, Founder and CEO of Chew Innovation Lab, will help prepare you with the info no one ever tells you before getting into a new consumer brand. There are many reasons why consumer packaged goods have a mortality rate as high as 90%, but the most important preparation you can have is knowledge that others have spent lots of life and money learning.

You will learn how to:
• Walk the fine line of the “Triple bottom line"
• Never make a sacrifice when it comes to quality or impact
• What to expect when selling your dream to the outside world, turning non-believers into passionate/vocal fans
• Differentiate yourself from the pack and use your size as your main strategic advantage vs. an obstacle