Effective Fundraising From Angels: A Chalk Talk

4:30 pm — 6:00 pm
Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Virtual Event via Zoom

In this “ChalkTalk” session, David Willbrand will demystify the jargon while unpacking and sharing everything that you need to know about fundraising for your early-stage startup.

He explains in accessible language what a cap table is, how it comes together, how it evolves and – most importantly – how startups raise money! If you are a founder or entrepreneur (or thinking about making that leap), chances are you are a world-class expert in certain areas of your startup (e.g., intellectual property, product development), and have a passing familiarity with other areas (e.g., marketing, human resources). Where you likely have little-to-no experience is all the legal stuff – particularly all the factors involved in organizing, capitalizing and financing a startup. This session will help!


  • Balance Sheets and M&A
  • Cap Tables
  • Founders Stock
  • Preferred Stock
  • Convertible Notes
  • SAFEs

Speaker: David Willbrand

About the Speaker:

David Willbrand is Chair of the Early Stage & Emerging Company practice group at Thompson Hine LLP (and a Harvard alum). He’s practiced in the space for 25 years, and along the way has also launched 2 venture-backed startups. He teaches Startup and Venture Capital Law at the Syracuse and Cincinnati Law Schools, and teaches M&A at the University of Michigan Law School. He specializes in the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurs and emerging companies
  • Accelerators and incubators
  • Early-stage investors and venture capital funds
  • Research institutions and corporate innovation teams


This session is for team members participating in the i-lab’s Venture Program. Registration is available via the i-lab portal (click below) or through the program calendar. If you are a Harvard affiliate who would like to join this session or if you don’t have access to the i-lab portal, please email i-lab@harvard.edu.

Register here: https://my.innovationlabs.harvard.edu

Effective Fundraising From Angels: A Chalk Talk
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