Fundraising Fundamentals: Angel Investors

4:00 pm — 5:00 pm
Monday, April 5, 2021
Virtual Event via Zoom

This workshop will explore how to raise money from angels, including:

  • Who are angels and what motivates them to invest?
  • How do you find and engage angel investors?
  • Why raise from angels versus VCs?
  • How do you pick the right angel for your business?
  • How do you negotiate terms and valuation? (Hint – don’t!)
  • The care and feeding of your angel network.

Speakers: Phil Green, Rebecca Kersch & Alicia Tulsee

About the Speakers:

Rebecca Kersch is the Founder and CEO of Tang, a FinTech social venture that is focused on providing access to financial services to the millions of adults without bank accounts in the Philippines. She is a recent graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School and an i-lab alumnus.

Alicia Tulsee is Founder & CEO of Moxie Apparel a clothing company creating innovative scrubs for nurses that are stylish and fun while enabling nurses to perform their roles in comfort. She is a graduate of Harvard College and an i-lab alumnus.

Phil Green is the i-lab’s Associate Director, Venture Programs. His mentoring is focused on B2B, as well as teams where engineering/product development choices are critical to the venture.


This session is targeted to ventures focused on selling to businesses in the i-lab’s Venture Program. For team leads in the i-lab Venture Program, it’s best to register through the i-lab portal here or through the program calendar. Otherwise you can register below.

Fundraising Fundamentals: Angel Investors
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