Healthcare & Life Science Fireside Founder Chat with Yin He

5:00 pm — 6:00 pm
Thursday, October 15, 2020
Virtual Event via Zoom

This webinar will provide an introduction to Amazon Web Services, cloud computing, and the Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups Team at AWS, including who they are (former investors, founders, and operators of healthcare and life sciences startups), how they engage and support startups, and resources available to the Harvard entrepreneurship community.

About the Speaker:

Yin He joined Amazon Web Services in January 2020 to support early-stage healthcare and life sciences investors and startups. Prior to AWS, she was an early employee at a biotech startup, Strateos (formerly Transcriptic), where she wore many hats, including the Head of Scientific Technologies. During her 6+ years of tenure there, she helped build a robotic cloud lab platform to enable remote experimentation for early stage drug discovery and synthetic biology with a credit card. Yin received her BS in Biology from the University of Virginia and her PhD in Molecular Biology and Genomics from Cornell University, where she led a number of scientific investigations, resulting in 11 publications on protein folding regulation relating to metabolic disorders.

Healthcare & Life Science Fireside Founder Chat with Yin He
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