How to Speak Tech (and Negotiate)

6:00 pm — 7:30 pm
Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Harvard Innovation Labs

Overview: Cloud. Back-end. Front-end. Database. Server. API. What does it all mean? Phil Greenwald, former associate technology director at Harvard Innovation Labs, is back this time to teach us how to “speak tech.” In this workshop, you’ll learn all the basics behind how to talk to developers and what you should speak about to get your website, app, or other type of software built. At the end, we’ll talk about how to use all this newfound information to negotiate when you have less than  $5,000 to build a product.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Back-end vs Front-end
  • Databases and Servers
  • Open-source
  • Apps vs. Websites
  • Language vs. Framework
  • Abstraction
  • API’s and Libraries
  • JSON and AJAX
  • Negotiation

Who is this for? This workshop is perfect for any non-technical founder and other aspiring entrepreneurs who need a primer to help them communicate with, evaluate, and manage developers.

Stay tuned after this workshop for the Intro to AI event starting at 7:45.

How to Speak Tech (and Negotiate)
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