[IN-PERSON] The Future of Climate With the Founder of Tomorrow.io

5:30 pm — 6:30 pm
Thursday, November 3, 2022
Harvard Innovation Lab

We chose to tackle one of our generation’s toughest and most critical challenges – climate adaptation. Despite how hard that journey is, the fact that we are laser-focused on the problem vs. trying to promote any specific solution, allows us to build ground-breaking solutions that to most were considered impossible. We’re not bound by any of the pre-existing constraints that limited progress in weather and climate forecasting until now.  – Rei Goffer

Speaker: Rei Goffer, Co-Founder of Tomorrow.io, Harvard alum

Rei Goffer embarked on his founder journey at the i-lab back in 2015 with a mission to improve and democratize weather data. Flash forward, Rei and his two co-founders have built a company with hundreds of customers, which include JetBlue, Uber, Delta, USAF & the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and have raised $264 million.  The company will now embark on one of its most exciting endeavors and will soon launch the first-of-its-kind commercial weather satellite constellation system. The Tomorrow.io space program will enable organizations in the far corners of the world to prepare and mitigate the business impact of weather. Join us in the i-lab for a conversation with Rei and hear his reflections on his founder journey and the future of weather forecasting and climate tech.

Rei is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Tomorrow.io. His portfolio includes the company’s space program, Government business unit and corporate development. Rei is also the board chair of Tomorrownow.orgTomorrow.io‘s non-profit spin-off that focuses on climate adaptation solutions for at-risk communities. Prior to founding the company, Rei served for 10 years in the Israeli Air Force as an F-16 navigator, and division head in the R&D branch. Rei holds a BA in Economics and Aerospace from Ben Gurion University, an MBA from MIT Sloan and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School.

Throughout all of human history, there probably hasn’t been a single larger opportunity for entrepreneurs to make impact than now. The problems are infinite and the solutions are still sparse. Radical challenges call for radical solutions. The gains for those who succeed in bringing them to market are like nothing we’ve never seen. – Rei Goffer

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[IN-PERSON] The Future of Climate With the Founder of Tomorrow.io
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