Event: Know Your Customer | Harvard Innovation Labs
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Dec 02, 2014

Know Your Customer

You think you know your customers’ needs? Think again. Startups have heard time and again that you need to validate with your customers, you need to be more customer-focused, and that the client rules. Each method seems to be the best, yet compared in a vacuum.

In this session led by Stephen Goodman, Global Vice President of Business Development at Radius, attendees will review the emerging platforms for customer insight and discovery and review a few cases across industries and the global environment for further learning. The aim for this workshop is to help entrepreneurs come away wiser on which customer research approach might be best suited for his/her respective product, service, and growth strategy.

Stephen Goodman has been on the build, buy and sell side of innovation, having worked in emerging and advance technology across the globe. Currently, he leads the commercial and growth portfolio at Radius, a global design and product development company.