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Apr 19, 2018

Licensing IP from Universities – Creating a Foundation for Success

Many start-ups begin with a technology that was first created at a university or research institution. Microsoft, Google, SnapChat, Facebook, DropBox, Dell and many more before and since. Bringing that initial technology into your company nearly always requires a license from the university. Obtaining that license in a timely manner and on reasonable terms can make the difference between getting your company funded or not. It can impact your ability to successfully partner the developed technology or pursue your intended business model or be acquired. For life sciences companies, your license terms can hinder or help your ability to get therapies to patients.

What to expect:
Farah Gerdes, licensing partner at WSGR, will discuss the process for licensing technologies out of universities, what terms of universities licenses tend to look like, and the stakeholders who will scrutinize your licenses. Understanding the interests of those various stakeholders, and striking the right balance among them, can often be the key to a successful license.