Life Science Business Development Workshop Series

9:30 am — 11:00 am
Monday, November 4, 2019
Harvard Innovation Labs - Room 102

Overview: This series of workshops is being held for early-stage life science founders from the Harvard Innovation Labs ecosystem. The series of workshops is being hosted by Troy Norris (a mentor and renowned executive biotech consultant – Managing Director, Valamont Consulting) and Dr. Michael Fenn.

The workshop will focus specifically on business development, commercialization strategy, and product development strategy for life sciences and healthcare markets. Topics will include value hypothesis creation and testing, healthcare customer discovery and stakeholder value mapping, market and competitor analyses, prioritization of indications/applications, healthcare economics and clinical value analyses, competitive advantage creation (e.g., IP, regulatory strategy, payor reimbursement strategy, etc.), basic financial modeling & forecasting, elevator pitch prep, and fundraising strategy development.

The workshop will focus on group discussions facilitated by Troy and Michael with the group of founders on these different topics, as well as on the related assignments given throughout the course of the workshop series. The workshop series will include ‘homework’ given to the founders, which will then be shared and discussed with the group as a means to gain feedback and insights into other founder’s learning experiences. The workshop series will also serve the purpose of promoting a strong sense of community among the founders, allowing them to help one another through the challenges experienced as early-stage life science founders.

Registration: Please reach out to to register.

Life Science Business Development Workshop Series
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