Roundtable: Testing & Validating Demand

5:30 pm — 7:00 pm
Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Validating demand is the first critical hurdle any entrepreneur faces when starting a venture. Why? Because you’re starting out with a hunch. You’ll need to validate that hunch before you start to build a product, seek outside investors, and beyond. This interactive roundtable will help you explore and answer the following questions: Who wants your product? Why do they want your product? What value does your product provide to your customers? Before the workshop, please think about those three questions and experiments you can perform to answer them. Come ready to share and discuss your experiments.

If you have time, please view the following video on Testing User Demand ( to help you better understand some experiments you could be running.


Speaker Names: Phil Green & Peter Gladstone


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Roundtable: Testing & Validating Demand
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