Positioning Your Startup To Better Connect With And Convert Customers

5:30 pm — 6:30 pm
Tuesday, March 29, 2022
Virtual Event via Zoom

Startups often struggle to develop the right value proposition to engage their target audiences, making it difficult to gain traction. Often they morph into an inside-out, navel-gazing view of what the company wants to be, but with no relevance to its audience.

No matter how great the product, how dynamic the brand, how efficient the channel planning or how effective the measurement and optimization, if you have the wrong market position your efforts will fail to meet expectations. You will be trudging in quicksand.

This workshop helps entrepreneurs develop a sharp positioning strategy that will connect with and convert customers, optimize your product development around what matters most to your audience, and get the most out of your channels and spend.

Speaker Name: Doug Fox

Passionate brand champion, roaring pink barbarian, motivating coach, Doug Fox is a proven brand strategist with more than 20+ years experience successfully building and positioning global brands and businesses. He is especially adept at developing more customer centric positionings, enabling companies to better connect with their customers. Doug is an active speaker, judge, mentor and builder in the startup community in Boston and around the world. This includes work with MassChallenge in Boston, Mexico City and Israel, as well as accelerators in Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Ireland, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan, among others. Beyond Harvard, Doug has run workshops at MIT, Northwestern, PENN, Michigan, Babson, Northeastern and Boston University.

Positioning Your Startup To Better Connect With And Convert Customers
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