Event: Sport for Social Change | Harvard Innovation Labs
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Feb 03, 2015

Sport for Social Change

Join Johan Koss, President and CEO of Right To Play International for this interactive workshop discussing the power of Sport for Change.

Sport and play are powerful tools for social change. They can be used, not only for fun and recreation but to educate and empower children and youth. Right To Play uses sports and games throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and North America to teach children essential life skills that will help them overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease. The programs focus on improving the quality of education, transforming health practices and building peaceful communities to create better futures for the children and drive lasting social change in their communities and beyond.

Over the course of Johann's athletic career, he won a total of four gold medals, broke 10 world records, won three World All-round Championships, and numerous World Cups and National Championships. As the result of his athletic accomplishments and simultaneous humanitarian efforts, Johann was named the 1994 Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated, and was given the Jesse Owens Award, the International Athletic Foundation Award, and the Jackie Robinson Humanitarian Award. Johann was presented the Child Survival Award by the Carter Center in Atlanta, and during the celebration of UNICEF's 50th anniversary, was given UNICEF's Honorary Award.