[IN-PERSON] Startup Secrets: Create a Product That People Will Actually Buy

5:30 pm — 7:30 pm
Thursday, November 17, 2022
Harvard Innovation Lab

One of the top reasons startups fail is surprisingly simple: The value proposition isn’t compelling enough to prompt a customer to buy. Whatever the reason, the product doesn’t provide enough value to spark customer action and sustain a business. Nailing your value prop—an outline of the benefit you provide to whom, and how you do it uniquely well—can make or break your startup. In this workshop, Michael Skok, Founding Partner of Underscore VC, will share a series of frameworks to help you articulate and validate your value prop to ensure that it’s highly compelling to customers.

*Pizza will be provided.

Speaker: Michael Skok – Co-Founder & Partner, Underscore VC

Michael is a Co-founding Partner at Underscore VC, a Boston-based firm investing at Seed in bold B2B software founders. A man who makes no small plans, he spent 21 years as an entrepreneur building businesses that pushed himself and industries forward. Then, he set his sights on venture investment, joining North Bridge Venture Partners and driving it in new and exciting directions with the same zeal. Through all this he founded, worked with, and invested in startups, created thousands of jobs and generated billions of dollars of value. In 2015, Michael co-founded Underscore VC to help founders create enduring companies through the power of community.Never satisfied with the status quo, Michael has focused his efforts on breakthrough technologies, disruptive business models, and emerging domains. Michael’s “go big or go home” attitude extends to his personal life too. He’s a self-proclaimed “amateur” photographer who’s traveled the world taking award-worthy photos, and is an avid sports person, giving his all to everything from tennis to kiteboarding to – when feeling adventurous – croquet.Michael has a passion for helping the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed by not only backing them with capital but bringing the resources and commitment of an aligned community around them to propel their success. To help achieve this, he has mentored and taught for over 10 years at Harvard University, where he is an Entrepreneur in Residence, and created the Startup Secrets series.

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[IN-PERSON] Startup Secrets: Create a Product That People Will Actually Buy
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