[IN-PERSON] Startup Secrets: What it Takes: Vision, Mission, and Values

5:30 pm — 7:00 pm
Thursday, October 20, 2022
Harvard Innovation Lab

Human capital separates great from good companies; ideas are worth very little without the right people to drive them forward. That’s why attracting the right people while unifying them behind an inspiring vision and mission is essential to any significant venture. In this workshop, Michael Skok, Founding Partner of Underscore VC, will share how to develop your venture’s mission and vision—while ensuring you can execute on both.

*Pizza will be provided.

Speaker: Michael Skok

Michael Skok – Co-Founder & Partner, Underscore VC, started his first software business as a teenager, spent 21 years as an entrepreneur and then the past 18 years as a venture investor. During this time, he has founded, worked with and invested in startups, and created thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of value. Along the way, he also mentored and taught for 4 years at Harvard University, and created the Startup Secrets series.As an entrepreneur and an investor, Michael has focused on breakthrough technologies and disruptive business models including Open Source, Cloud, IoT, and emerging domains such as Blockchain, Virtual/Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. He has served on or is active on many private and public boards such as Acquia, Demandware (now a Salesforce company), Mautic (acquired by Acquia in 2019), Salsify and Zaius. He has also participated in leadership roles in many industry groups such as the Software Publishers Association where he was Chairman for many years in Europe.
In 2015, Michael co-founded Underscore VC first and foremost to empower entrepreneurs to realize their vision in building impactful businesses. He has a passion for helping the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed by not only investing but bringing the resources, talent and commitment of an aligned community around them to assure their success.

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[IN-PERSON] Startup Secrets: What it Takes: Vision, Mission, and Values
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