Tech Talk: ICOs and the future of Crypto & Seed Financing

4:00 pm — 5:00 pm
Thursday, October 12, 2017
Harvard Innovation Labs - Classroom

This talk will feature specific examples of how to run a successful ICO, from the first venture-backed company in Boston to go through this process.  What’s an ICO, you ask? Airfox’s co-founder Victor Santos will answer that, and other key questions around the future of crypto and seed fundraising.

AirFox’s AirToken is tokenizing and unlocking mobile access. AirToken is “M-Pesa meets LendingClub on the blockchain.”

AirFox quickly established itself as the leader in affordable data plans for US-based prepaid wireless carriers. Incubated at Harvard’s Innovation Lab, AirFox is a TechStars Boston alum and is venture backed by several leading organizations. Over the last year, AirFox’s business-to-business platform has enabled more than 2 million unique United States prepaid wireless subscribers to reduce their mobile costs while helping wireless carriers better serve their customers. AirFox has also delivered over 1 billion impressions to advertisers helping them reach a lower socioeconomic audience.

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Tech Talk: ICOs and the future of Crypto & Seed Financing
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