Scaling Tech, Teams & Talent, with Sean Lindsay

6:00 pm — 7:00 pm
Thursday, November 30, 2017
Harvard Innovation Labs - Classroom

Any startup going through a period of growth is likely to face scaling challenges with their tech teams. These might be some of the questions that come up:

  • How do you bring in new talent/reevaluate & right-size your management processes during those times
  • What are the ongoing recruiting, training/talent development processes leadership needs to be making time for to keep their team’s capabilities growing
  • How do you avoid having a talent crunch/retention crisis during those periods of rapid growth
  • What are the tools & techniques that really make a difference for the engineering team’s effectiveness at different stages of the company’s growth?

This session is for any early startup’er or entrepreneur with tech & team questions.

Come learn and ask questions from one of Boston’s most-praised technical leaders.

A bit about Sean:

A veteran of more than a half-dozen startups, Sean is an accomplished technical entrepreneur and leader with a strong history developing and leading remarkable teams who design and deliver new products to emerging markets. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Eager Labs, providing scaling companies with talent and leadership development assistance.

He previously served as Chief Technology Officer at Tapjoy. He joined Tapjoy via the acquisition of Viximo, where he was Co-Founder and CTO. At Viximo, he lead the development of a multi-million dollar social game publishing business. Previously, Sean served in a variety of engineering and technology leadership roles at PanGo (acquired by InnerWireless), BEA (ultimately acquired by Oracle), Upromise (ultimately acquired by Sallie Mae), and Novera (acquired by Mercator).

Sean is also on the board of directors at Talla and the advisory board of a number of early-stage companies. He created the independent Founder Mentors program to match new entrepreneurs with experienced mentors and has been called “irrationally helpful” for his tireless efforts assisting new teams and the entrepreneurial student community. He realizes this is all made possible by his understanding wife, inspiring little boys, and increasingly ridiculous beard.

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Scaling Tech, Teams & Talent, with Sean Lindsay
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