The Hidden Secret of Finding Language/Market Fit

4:00 pm — 5:00 pm
Monday, February 28, 2022
Virtual Event via Zoom

Matt Lerner will join us to talk about how startups can find Language/Market Fit. Matt’s recent First Round Capital post about the topic is creating a buzz in Silicon Valley, challenging startups to get their language right first, as a validation step, even before raising cash or building products. In this live interactive Zoom workshop, Matt will explain the science behind why language holds such power in marketing, plus lots of examples, and explain how to find exactly the right words so your customers feel like you’ve read their minds.

Speaker Name: Matt Lerner

Matt started his career as a growth marketer and general manager in Silicon Valley, had his first exit in 1998, and joined the growth team at PayPal in 2004. After PayPal, he became a VC, based in London, with the fund 500 Startups. Matt now runs Startup Core Strengths, where, with a team of coaches, he helps early stage startups define and execute their growth strategies. Matt has been a regular guest lecturer at Stanford as well as Imperial College in London, but this will be his first time speaking to our fine institution.

The Hidden Secret of Finding Language/Market Fit
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