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Apr 04, 2018

Think Like an Entrepreneur # 3: What is Your Value Proposition?

Are you interested in starting your own venture, but you don't know where to start? Have a problem that you're interested in solving, one that may even lead to a sustainable venture? If so, the "Think like an Entrepreneur" series is designed with you in mind. In this three workshop series, we'll move through (1) problem definition, (2) market sizing & customer development, and (3) value proposition of your proposed product or service.

While this is the third workshop in the series, you do not need to have attended the first or second workshop to benefit from this one!

What you'll get out of this event:

This session will focus on how to define and refine the value proposition of your product or service to the customers. How are you uniquely creating value for your customers? How are you differentiated from your competition? How will you maintain your competitive advantage? Is it enough upon which to build a venture?