39,000 Year History of AR/VR

5:30 pm — 6:30 pm
Thursday, October 26, 2017
Harvard Innovation Labs - Classroom


As science and technology propel us deeper into the 21st century we are constantly having to evaluate how we see and record the world around us using an ever-expanding list of new technologies. Given these new abilities to not only see what our own eyes can see but also the magical ability to see the world beyond our vision, including the very small, the very large, and even that which is outside the spectrum of normal light itself we must also now include that which is beyond reality altogether. This idea includes the concepts of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Heightened Reality, among others.

Exploring these various realms of an alternate reality are some of the most exciting and challenging things that researchers, creators, thinkers, and educators have ever experienced. They offer up new ways to learn, teach and do business; they open up the imagination to a new world of possibility. To better put these new technologies and their potential impact into perspective I will look both forward to where all of this may lead, but, perhaps more importantly, I will look back at how we got to this place in time.

Together we will look at the history of how we, as curious observers of our universe, have always pursued the idea of alternate realities and immersive visual experiences and together we will look at how this long and fruitful history has shaped our basic human nature and brought us to where we are today.

After the session, enjoy time exploring AR/VR technology at the Virtual Reality Playground event.

This event is open to Harvard students and affiliates only. Please be prepared to show your Harvard ID.



39,000 Year History of AR/VR
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