Unity: How to Build VR Worlds

5:00 pm — 8:00 pm
Thursday, March 23, 2017
Harvard Innovation Labs - Classroom


Virtual Reality is the new, cool thing and there’s actually not that much content out there right now to enjoy.

With Harvard Innovation Lab’s new AR/VR Studio, we have everything you need to create the innovative content that will define the platform. The question is… How do you get started?

Come join Jonathan Linowes as he takes us on a journey to learn how to use the game engine Unity to create content for this amazing medium.  Jonathan is a veritable 3D graphics enthusiast, Unity developer, successful entrepreneur, and teacher.  He is author of several books including Unity, Virtual Reality Projects (2015), Cardboard VR Projects for Android (2016) and Augmented Reality for Developers (coming 2017).

This will be a hands-on workshop.  Bring a computer and come prepared to build and have Unity installed(it’s free).

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Unity: How to Build VR Worlds
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