Using Big (Qualitative) Data to Make Key Business Decisions

6:00 pm — 7:00 pm
Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Harvard Innovation Lab

“Big Data” gets 60 million hits on Google, while “Qualitative Data” – finding a way to capture human observations and judgment – garners just 4 million hits. But they go hand in hand. In this interactive session, Mike Goldstein – Chief Academic Officer of Bridge International Academies and Founder of MATCH Education – will share his story of Bridge to illustrate what data choices await C-level teams, including the challenge of operating a venture targeting the Base of the Pyramid. Attendees will glean insights on using both quantitative and qualitative data to achieve:

1.) Figuring out how to execute
2.) Auditing execution
3.) Creating the right leadership culture, where key staff want to “win” in the right way
4.) Innovation

About Bridge: Bridge International Academies is a VC-backed company ($62 million Series D) providing elementary schools to some of the world’s poorest parents. Launched in 2009, Bridge now has 490 schools in Kenya, Uganda, India, Nigeria, and (as of September 5th) Liberia.


Using Big (Qualitative) Data to Make Key Business Decisions
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