Experimental Story Frameworks Workshop

About this workshop:

  • Now comes the revolution. Beckon in a new age of storytelling, a new kind of interaction, a new understanding of space. In this class we will explore the new frameworks for story and digital reality and look at how its borders are changing as we approach an age of ambient computing and infinite compute power.
  • This class is for beginners and talks you through this technology in an simple way, making you able to distinguish fact from fiction, and what is possible currently and what isn’t. Gain a full understanding of MR/VR/AR/XR and how to go about making an idea happen.

What is covered

  1. Definitions of VR/AR/MR/XR.
  2. Interactive vs 360.
  3. Game Engine Possibilities/Limitations.
  4. Haptic, fully immersive worlds.

After this class, you will have a full understanding of the possibilities of this new technology as applied to storytelling.

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