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Jennifer Jordan

Venture Partner, iGlobe Partners

Industry Expert

Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer is a generalist early stage investor with experience from napkin to IPO. She recently joined iGlobe Partners as a Venture Partner to invest in global game changers. Jennifer met the iGlobe team as a co-investor in Ginkgo Bioworks. Jennifer’s investments as a VC, Techstars Managing Director or Angel span hardware and software, Fintech and Synbio and all include an emphasis on data: Gingko Bioworks, FairMarkit, MachineMetrics, ClearGov, Monitaur, Arch Finance, Gravity AI, and Nossa Data.

Finance, Digital Health, Bioinformatics, Software/App, Web3, Crypto & NFTs, Electronics & Hardware, Employment, Recruiting, & Workforce Development, Biotech & Life Sciences, Transportation & Logistics, Defense, Military, & Space, Climate & Sustainability, Gaming

Can help with
  • Storytelling
  • Strategy
  • Business plan
  • Investor thinking

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