Launch Lab X FAQs

  • How is Launch Lab X different from other accelerators?

    Fundamentally, Launch Lab X was built to help seed and pre-seed startups develop into sustainable, disruptive ventures with sound underlying fundamentals and a high likelihood of future success. Most accelerators just take startups from Point A (where they are now) to Point B (a funding round). First, we remove cost as a potential drag on venture development. Launch Lab X is free, we don’t take an equity stake or charge fees. The program is also longer in duration than other accelerators — nine months divided into three 90-day sprints — and utilizes a proprietary milestones-based methodology customized to each venture to ensure intentional progression toward sustainability, success, and impact on the world. This also enables Launch Lab X founders to enter into solid funder relationships based on the actual potential and fundamentals of their ventures, not on hype or the reputation of the accelerator.

  • What criteria will you use to select the 10 teams?

    We’re looking for 10 special founders and teams determined and driven to create exceptional ventures and contribute to our vibrant community of next-generation innovation.

  • Can you talk to me more about the Harvard Innovation Labs' milestone-based approach?

    Our milestone-based approach, the Harvard Innovation Lab method, is something we’ve refined over years of working with early-stage ventures @ i-lab. It’s easier to describe it for what it’s not, which is one-size fits all.  It’s highly tailored to the leadership team and focused on getting them into alignment around the milestones that truly matter over the next 90 days.

  • How will Launch Lab X ventures be mentored?

    In a word, deeply.  Our mentorship program will be unlike any other. Rather than “simply” pairing founders with mentors, our systematic & supportive approach ensures meaningful professional & leadership team development.

  • Can I participate without relocating to Boston?

    Well, the short answer is no, not really, but the long answer is that, since this is our first cohort, we’re open to the possibility. So, we strongly encourage you to apply, even if you’re not located in Boston. We’re interested in building a cohort of strong teams, so if that means you’re not super close by, that may be just fine.

    That being said, the weekly program is designed to be attended in person and you’ll get the most out of it if you’re around. If you need to miss a session, here or there, or need to alternate leaders on the team who can be present because the business needs to be elsewhere to grow, we can work with you. But the intention is to be present, not remote.

    Still, because it’s the first year, we strongly encourage everyone to apply.


  • What happens when I apply early?

    Applying early is a great idea that will give you the following benefits:

    • Potential early acceptance by mid-May — which will help you plan your summer accordingly.
    • Feedback on your application which you can then revise for the May 30th deadline.
    • The chance for an in-person interview and tour of the space.

    Don’t miss the chance to get these added perks and apply early by May 1st.