Cobu (formerly Doorbell)

Harvard College

Cobu (formerly Doorbell)

Harvard student Ben Pleat moved from the suburbs of Long Island to Manhattan a few years ago. Other than the decrease in sunlight and the increase in international food options, there was something jarring about life in the city for Ben: All of these people, living in close proximity, were complete and total strangers.

With his company Cobu (short for Community Building), Pleat is trying to build more connected communities for people who live in apartments and other similar complexes. At the time of this podcast, Cobu was testing its product in Downtown Worcester’s Grid District, trying to bring the up-and-coming urban area together through shared experiences rather than other means.

It’s quite a noble mission to focus on “in-real-life” community building at a time when other entrepreneurs are focused on growing digital user communities.

Want to learn more about Cobu? Visit their website!