Trignis Inc.

Harvard College

Trignis Inc.

Jordan DeGraaf shares the story of Trignis Inc. (formerly BBiQ).

How did you get started at the i-lab?

What started off as a course project quickly began morphing into something more serious. We quickly needed a place to work, learn, and grow as we worked on our new company. When we saw the VIP application, we were excited by the opportunity to work in a space where so many new ideas are taking off, and where we could easily connect to a range of opportunities and resources. We applied because we needed a working space, but quickly realized how much more the i-lab offers in terms of resources and connections.

What’s the #1 resource you use most at the Harvard Innovation Lab? Why is/was it so useful?

For us, our number one resource has been the i-lab programming staff. We really enjoy the Expert Office Hours, but when we just need general advice and a plan of attack, and the i-lab staff is always there to answer our questions, brainstorm with us, and point us in the right direction.

What’s next for you and your venture?

We are working on a redesign, raising a round of funding, fine-tuning our design, and outsourcing a new prototype to do user testing. A lot going on all at once.

If you had to give another student one piece of advice to get the most out of the i-lab, what would it be?

Try to meet as many people as possible, and ask more questions than you think you should. When we first started, I didn’t want to bother anyone with my trivial questions, and would struggle for way too long before asking for help. This mindset does not work in the i-lab. Reach out early and often and you’ll learn so much from everyone around you.

Anything we missed?

iLove the i-lab.