Day Zero Diagnostics

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

The presence of Louis Pasteur has dominated the medical industry in a manner similar to that of Newton in the world of science and physics, and DaVinci in art and engineering.

So when a someone sets their sights on improving a process invented by Pasteur that has long been the accepted use to diagnose disease, it’s time to take notice.

Day Zero Diagnostics is using a combination of genome sequencing and machine learning to try to detect disease days before it has normally been possible using the current techniques.

Miriam Huntley, one of Day Zero’s co-founders (along with Jong Lee, Dr. Doug Kwon, Dr. Dougal Maclaurin, and Dr. Melis Anahtar) is a graduate of MIT and has recently finished a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from Harvard.

To learn more about what Miriam and Day Zero Diagnostics are working on, listen to this great Harvard Innovation Labs story.


Day Zero Diagnostics