Sage Learning

Harvard Medical School

How do you transform education to make it more engaging and interactive for students, while also making it easy for any educator to develop exceptional content?

A medical doctor and a PhD student at Harvard University set out to find out. Their venture, Sage Learning, is an AI-powered platform for next-generation teaching and learning. Housed within an education social network, this flexible, content and language-agnostic platform is designed to enable easy creation of beautiful, interactive content on any topic.

“Along every part of our journey, the curriculum and mentorship at the i-lab have been matched to our level and pace of growth. It’s hard to imagine where we would be without it.”

– Vishal Punwani, MD, Co-Founder, Sage Learning




FOUNDERS: Vishal Punwani, Emma Giles

PROGRAMS & LABS: Venture Incubation Program, Launch Lab X

HARVARD SCHOOLS: Harvard Medical School


Vishal Punwani and Emma Giles’ shared passion for improving education has manifested itself throughout their journeys as students, teachers, and professionals. But nowhere is it better represented than in their current quest to reimagine the future of how educators, students and institutions around the world can learn, teach and engage with each other.

At the Harvard Innovation Labs, Giles and Punwani’s idea has blossomed into a sophisticated, adaptable platform that can serve all key stakeholders in the educational ecosystem. “The i-lab has given us something for every part of our journey,” says Punwani. “When we were startup newbies, the foundational curriculum here allowed us to learn the basics of leadership, creating a business plan, and pitching. We then moved on to next level of startup life via the Venture Incubation Program, figuring out how to build more advanced teams, fundraise with higher-level investors, succeed in business development, and build strategic partnerships.”

Launch Lab X has taken Sage into the next evolution of startup life. “We work amongst a group of teams at the same level as us, allowing us to share resources, build incredible community relationships, and tackle big problems together,” says Giles.


Today, the Sage team consists of a group of tight-knit software engineers, illustrators, and research students from many of Harvard’s 12 schools. Sage Learning is piloting its platform not just at Harvard, but also at several top schools in the world, creating multiple pathways to shape their AI-assisted learning platform into a universal educational solution.

Sage Learning