Object Based AR Workshop

About this workshop:

  • In this class, we will be leaving the sphere of augmenting 2D images and start augmenting onto real objects that have volume and shape. You will be introduced to example projects, and learn in what situations this type of augmentation might be effective.
  • We will have a hands-on technical session using Unity and the Vuforia Model Target Generator to augment onto an object of your choice in the AR/VR Studio. We will briefly discuss photogrammetry as a tool to create a model target. *Please bring your laptop with Unity installed.
  • Level of experience: Intermediate, preferable to have taken Class 1, understanding of 3D design helpful. 

What is covered

  1. What is object-based AR? How does it work? When should it be used? Possible manifestations (previous projects).
  2. Hands-on session using Unity and Vuforia to augment an object at the i-lab.
  3. Deploy app to your smartphone.

After this session, you will understand how to use the Vuforia model target function to augment onto a real object of your choice. 

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