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For urbanites who love pizza but want to eat healthier, -issima is a fast-casual Roman-style pizza chain that offers delicious pizza without the guilt. Unlike greasy pizza offered by ...

[Blank] Schools

Blank Schools catalyzes innovation in the education sector by supporting innovators to design and launch radically different new school models.


10^x is an intensive, short-term leadership education course for youths in developing countries, post-conflict countries, emerging and transitioning economies.

3D printing of hearing aid shells

3D printing of hearing aid shells customized to patients’ need could significantly increase the comfort and reduce the cost.


An application for finding a social place that fits you


Rediscover your child-like curiosity for learning. Discuss daily fun questions about Physics, Art and more! Download 428 on the App Store today.

A Place in the Sun Foundation

A Place in the Sun Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by former Peace Corps volunteers and Harvard grad students to improve the quality of early childhood education in West ...

Academic Room

Academic Room is organizing the world’s scholarly knowledge to democratize education and promote collaboration across academic disciplines.


Accelorithm is an adaptive learning algorithm that optimizes learning capacity and efficiency for students studying in the science and medical fields.

Ace Airways

Ace Airways is a boutique, product-focused airline that transports overseas visitors to Las Vegas and other US leisure destinations, transforming both customers’ expectations and ...


Ace-up is the go-to marketplace for the coaching industry.


Healthcare’s Definitive Resource for Continuing Education.