AWS Hacklab

10:00 am — 6:00 pm
Saturday, February 25, 2017
Harvard Innovation Labs - Classroom

Join Arun Buduri, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer – Pixm, as he teaches us how to make back-ends with shockingly small amounts of code using Amazon Web Services(AWS).  By the end of the day, you will also end up building a fully working highly scalable backend system.

No need to know AWS Services beforehand.

Beginners are welcome but Python and Javascript knowledge is good to have.  At the very least you should be in or have taken cs50 or have done some tinkering on your own. If you’ve written some code in the past and know what an object is, you’re ready to take this class!

Build a full-scale Big Data backend system using AWS Services that can handle and process millions of requests per day.

Services covered include API Gateway, Lambda, SQS, EFS, EC2, DynamoDB, and S3.


  1. Bring your laptop and prepare to write some code!  A mac is preferred.  If you have a Windows computer, please arrive early at 9:30 so we can install the required software on your computer, or try installing the software on your own: .
  2. Before attending you must sign up for an AWS account.  You will need to provide a credit card number but you will not be charged.  This is required in order to use AWS.  Also make sure to download Sublime Text!

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AWS Hacklab
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