What a night! The 2023 President’s Innovation Challenge Awards Ceremony was an inspiring display of imagination and ingenuity.
Meet the winners.

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2023 President’s Innovation Challenge

What would the future look like if we broke free of limiting beliefs and barriers to entry? Without these, the future becomes a playground for our wildest imaginations to run free.

A diverse community of innovators that invites ideas from every angle creates an ecosystem that propels everyone forward. A place where no ideas are wasted. Where every spark becomes a building block. Our challenge, should we choose to accept it? When bold ideas strike, share them far and wide.

This means impossible is just the beginning. We find and follow roads that engineer a more hopeful and sustainable tomorrow. Imagination is the fuel that keeps us going. The good news is it never stops.

The President’s Innovation Challenge is an invitation to Harvard students and select alumni & affiliate-led ventures to propel their ideas forward. The PIC is also an opportunity to win a share of $515,000 in non-dilutive funding, made possible by a gift from the Bertarelli Foundation. Throughout the seven-month process, teams develop their ventures with robust support from the Harvard Innovation Labs.

Meet This Year’s Winners

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Reflecting on a Decade of Innovation

“Over the last 10 years, 4,700+ founders — from all 13 Harvard schools — have come through our doors. They’ve gone on to raise over $4 billion in capital and, since they represent more than 150 countries, create truly global change. They’re transforming dozens of industries and creating meaningful impact across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.And yet, our work is only just beginning. Today, we celebrate how far we’ve come and focus on what’s next.”

–Matt Segneri, Bruce and Bridgitt Evans Executive Director

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