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Climate Innovation at Harvard

Tackling climate change takes a village – and it all starts with an idea. We support Harvard's growing community of aspiring and established climate entrepreneurs with idea generation, venture-building, and curated resources.

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We'll help you come up with an idea in our free online class, build your venture in our Climate Circle incubator, and access the right people and campus resources.
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Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing our world and there are countless ways to approach solutions. If you’re interested in founding a climate startup, we can help you get started.

How to Create a Climate Venture is for people who want to create a startup to tackle climate change but don’t have an idea yet or whose idea is nascent. We focus on five key areas: unpacking climate solutions, coming up with your idea, leveraging tools to test the viability of your idea, and connecting with fellow climate entrepreneurs to hear their stories and build your network. The first half of the program is focused on structured ideation, and the second half on idea evaluation.

The class features entrepreneurs, operators, funders, and other speakers from the climate entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Thanks to the invaluable knowledge I gained from this course, I have embarked on a journey to launch my climate venture. This course has been pivotal in this journey, and I am truly grateful for the impact it has had on my life. Lana Newishy, HBS 2002, Founder of Okliko
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Climate is one of the critical challenges of our day. The solutions are as diverse as the challenges are. I’m inspired to see solutions that were just ideas a few years ago now with proven impact.

Climate Stories

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If you are eager to turn ideas into action, we’re ready for you. Join us!

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