Event: How to Design a Purpose-led Company | Harvard Innovation Labs
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Apr 04, 2019

How to Design a Purpose-led Company


IDEO designer and book author Nina Montgomery will offer a crash course in designing purpose-led organizations, covering topics like: what is purpose (and why does it matter)? How do you to set your purpose? How do you bring it to life in your business model? How do you intentionally create company culture? How do you build relationships with partners and communities? And how do you explain the value of purpose to investors? To help answer these questions, Nina will share stories and learning from her books on social impact and corporate purpose.

Speaker Bio:

An archaeologist-turned-strategist, Nina is fascinated by how we might create new solutions to the complex challenges facing businesses and society at large. Nina currently works at IDEO and is a fellow at TRIPTK. In addition to her professional work, Nina is also a PhD candidate at the University of Oxford where she studies anthropology and business. Adopting a systems thinking lens, her research focuses on human and cultural systems, regenerative design, and large-scale social transformation strategy.

Open to all Harvard students.