Event: Intro to AI | Harvard Innovation Labs
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Dec 03, 2019

Intro to AI

Overview: AI, Machine learning, Deep learning - what do all of these buzzwords means? Everyone knows they're the future, but what actually are they? How do they work. How can startups use them? Do you need a special kind of developer for it?

Phil Greenwald, former associate technology director at Harvard Innovation Labs, is back to explain how machine learning and AI work. We'll first give a high-level explanation and at the end we'll learn how to build the most important structure in AI: an artificial neuron. We'll also go over what it means to train data, how facial recognition works, and go through a few of the basic machine learning models such as regression and classification. We'll also look at some real examples of how to utilize machine learning.

Who is this for? While this may sound intimidating, this class is actually made for non-technical people who want a technical understanding of AI. If you know how to train a neural network, this workshop isn't for you!