The Other Side Speaker Series: Kjel Johnson, CVS Health

5:30 pm — 7:00 pm
Monday, December 9, 2019
Harvard Innovation Labs

Speaker Bio: Kjel A. Johnson, PharmD is CVS Health’s Vice President of Specialty Strategy and Client Solutions. In this role, he is dedicated to understanding the needs of specialty clients, working with them to conceptualize and develop products that solve these needs and their challenges. In addition, he also oversees CVS Health’s pharmacovigilance and enterprise oncology teams. CVS Health is the nation’s premier health innovation company helping people on their path to better health – touching more than 100m patients each year. Deemed the 7th most innovative US company, the company has developed various products and services to address the quadruple aim of healthcare – optimal quality, cost, member satisfaction, and provider satisfaction. This discussion will focus on how healthcare value can be optimized, with digital health as a key component.

Prior to CVS Health, Kjel was Vice President of Business Development for Integra Connect, where he developed data-driven value based programs to optimize quality and cost of specialty care in payor networks. He previously led Global Oncology for IMS Health, was SVP of Strategy and Business Development at Magellan Health, was a co-founder of ICORE Healthcare, and was a Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting. Dr. Johnson received his PharmD from and completed a research fellowship at the University of Minnesota, is a fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, is Board Certified in Pharmacotherapy and was the founder and publisher of Managed Care Oncology..

 Who is this event for?: This event is for anyone looking to learn ​about Healthcare Innovation on multiple fronts of the industry from a leader in the healthcare space.

What will you learn about?:

  • Specialty pharmacy spend is estimated to reach $280B by 2021 and now represents >50% of total US drug spend. Moreover, gene therapies are now entering the market; more than 700 are in development and one was recently approved and priced at $2.1m.
  • There are challenges, faced by payors and providers, to optimize the value associated with these therapies, integrate care to support outcomes, and improve patient satisfaction with overall care.
  • During this event we will discuss how new innovations in healthcare such as digital health, gene therapies, biosimilars, and precision medicine are improving patient care and influencing healthcare costs.
The Other Side Speaker Series: Kjel Johnson, CVS Health
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