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Mar 13, 2019

Think Like an Innovator #1: Define Your Problem

Are you interested in turning an idea into something real? Or in taking on what you perceive as an important problem and making the world a better place? Well, it turns out the most important step in innovating anything is to make sure the problem you want to solve is actually worth solving. And that's what this Think Like an Innovator workshop is all about.

In this 90 minute session, the Harvard Innovation Labs Managing Director, Chris Colbert, will give you a framework to help you plot your innovation plan and make sure that your problem is really a problem. This is the first of our three-part Think Like an Innovator series, a must attend program for any budding innovator. All Harvard students are encouraged to attend.

The next workshops in this series will discuss:

  • Market sizing & customer development
  • Value proposition of your proposed product or service.