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Apr 08, 2019

Think Like an Innovator – the Complete Workshop


Perhaps you’re an aspiring innovator looking to help fix what’s wrong with healthcare in America – but are not sure exactly how to go about it. Maybe you have an idea for a great app that connects up-and-coming musical talent with venues looking for artists. Or maybe you and your roommates have already developed a new financial product – on the blockchain, of course.

For all three of these innovators and entrepreneurs, success depends on the same three dimensions:

  1. How well you understand and define the problem
  2. How well you understand your customers and learn how to reach them
  3. How well you develop the value they receive and communicate your solution to their problem

This complete Think Like an Innovator workshop is designed to help you navigate all three of these critical areas. Even if you’ve attended previous Think Like an Innovator workshops, this start-to-finish session will solidify your understanding of the why behind each dimension – and give you tangible, tactical methods to help you get started or unstuck at every phase.

If you’re serious about your journey as an innovator or entrepreneur, this workshop is for you. You don’t need to come with an idea or a product. You just need to have a passion making progress, no matter where you are on your journey. (We’ve also been told this event is great for those prepping for the many university-based venture competitions!)

All Boston-area students are welcome!