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Transactional Law Clinics

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Transactional Law Clinics
TLC are a clinical program of Harvard Law School consisting of the Business and Non-Profit Clinic, Real Estate Clinic, Entertainment Law Clinic, and the Community Enterprise Project (CEP). These clinics provide legal assistance to small businesses, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, non-profit organizations and other clients engaged in transactional legal matters. TLC assists in choice of entity, formation documents, finance agreements, offering memoranda and securities issuances, and various other matters throughout an entitys life cycle; contract drafting and contract review; intellectual property, such as trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection; commercial leasing; permitting and licensing; acquisitions and sales; and various other matters across diverse industries, Service of i-lab clients are generally rendered on a pro bono basis. Please note that TLC does not advise on immigration or patent matters.
Can help with
  • Startup entrepreneur law 
  • Founder Agreements 
  • Small businesses 
  • Non-profits (mainly Noel) 
  • Formations 
  • Financing 
  • Fundraising 
  • IP (not patent) 
  • Trademark, copyright, privacy, policy 
  • Real Estate 
  • Entertainment 

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