Launch Lab X GEO

Join Harvard’s community of alumni entrepreneurs

Launch Lab X GEO is a global innovation accelerator specifically for Harvard alumni founders to deepen their relationships and grow their ventures. Our participants learn what it takes to create viable, disruptive, adaptable businesses and bring them to scale.

The Harvard Innovation Labs’ method is adaptive, milestone-based, and, most importantly, customized. We know that one size does not fit all, and venture teams need different kinds of support at different stages. Teams who use our method de-risk their business model, validate their value proposition, and build strong relationships. Due to systemic inequities, we also know that entrepreneurs face very different challenges. We aim to help you navigate these challenges by connecting you with the right people and resources.

The LLX Approach

Our program uses a three-pillar approach focusing on operations, fundraising, and leadership. We support you as you develop the operational expertise to take your ventures to the next level, gain rigorous feedback on your business to prepare for your next raise, and become leaders who are ready for the highs and lows of building a team while scaling a venture. At the base of this solid structure, we advise you on how to build equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging into your culture and practices from the start, providing you with an even stronger foundation to grow your ventures.

As a woman founder of color in FinTech, I sometimes feel out of place and lonely, but my LLX GEO cohort and the Harvard Innovation Labs team remind me every day (with so much positivity, light, and enjoyment!) that I’m right where I belong. TANG app and I would not be the same without this LLX GEO community. Thank you!”

— Rebecca Kersch
Founder, TANG app

LLX GEO Program


Building relationships and sharing experiences with fellow founders is fundamental to the power of this program. LLX GEO launches with an in-person orientation session on campus at the end of September. This includes team-building events and foundational programming with plenty of opportunities to learn, connect, and be inspired.

Pitch Feedback Sessions

Gaining invaluable feedback on your pitch is one of the core differentiators of the LLX GEO program. We connect you with a diverse group of founders and investors who will challenge you on everything from your business model and team to your value proposition and market size. Along the way, they’ll help you evolve your narrative to generate more excitement and engagement and develop your go-to-market strategy. Many of our venture teams have met future investors, founding team members, and advisors through our pitch events.

Founder Talks

How do you learn to delegate as you grow? How do you build a remote development team? What do equitable hiring practices look like?

Learn about these topics and more from successful founders who represent a wide range of industries and backgrounds. These are small-group, closed conversations so founders can speak candidly about how they made their business work and overcame challenges along the way. Listen to their insights as you learn from their unique approaches, wins, and failures.

Tactical Workshops

From designing your first product roadmap to developing a growth marketing strategy to hiring new team members and scaling culture, we connect you with experienced thought leaders who can help. You’ll learn which kinds of VCs and partners to seek funding from (including how much from whom), and how to tackle common challenges to raising capital. This practical “how to” knowledge and advice will help you advance your venture.

Leadership Circles

Led by later-stage entrepreneurs and leaders within the Harvard Innovation Labs, these facilitated conversations are where founders go deep, share challenges, and inspire each other.

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in LLX GEO! We are no longer accepting applications for the 2023-24 cohort. If you would like to receive information about the Harvard Innovation Labs and upcoming alumni events, please subscribe to Press 13, our monthly newsletter.

For specific questions about the LLX GEO program or how to get involved as a Harvard alum, contact us at We’d love to hear from you!

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