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Ghalya Alsanea

Design Intern



Ghalya Alsanea

Ghalya is working as a designer and innovator at Harvard Innovation Labs, collaborating on visual content projects to enhance brand prominence and engagement.

Her academic background includes a Master's degree in Design Engineering from Harvard University and a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University. Additionally at Carnegie Mellon, she completed minors in Physical Computing and Intelligent Environments, enhancing her knowledge and skills in these areas.

Throughout her academic and professional path, she has held significant positions. She played a crucial role as an architect on the construction site of the new Kuwait International Airport, collaborating with renowned firms such as Foster + Partners and Gulf Consult. Additionally, she has led transformative educational and research projects at Harvard that foster the intersection of technology and meaningful social outcomes.

In her spare time, Ghalya loves creating art and traveling when possible. Exploring diverse cultures and landscapes fuels her creativity. She cherishes simple joys like sketching sunsets or walking unknown paths. These experiences influence her design work profoundly. Beyond her professional pursuits, Ghalya is deeply committed to social justice and empowerment. She volunteers with local organizations dedicated to making meaningful change, especially for underprivileged communities. This personal passion drives her to contribute through tangible actions.

Visit Ghalya's website.