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Bullseye Biosciences

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Bullseye Biosciences

By leveraging competition and evolution, Bullseye aims to transform therapeutics discovery and expedite the development of life-saving medicines.


Michael McKeown

Harvard Kenneth C. Griffin Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Emma Chory

Corey Gray

About Bullseye Biosciences


2024 Spring


Harvard Kenneth C. Griffin Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


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Bullseye Biosciences brings the power of automation and directed evolution methods to discover and develop cyclic peptide based drugs against the most well-validated but historically challenging disease targets. Protein-protein interactions are critical to many biological mechanisms including complex formation and transcriptional activation which play a key role in disease pathology. However, intracellular protein-protein interactions are not generally accessible to biologics nor amenable to small molecule inhibition. Cyclic peptides can potentially compete with the large interfaces while still allowing cell membrane permeability and drug-like properties. Our platform uniquely enables us to extract the full potential of phage-assisted continuous evolution (PACE), a transformative technology that created novel CRISPR proteins, polymerases, and proteases, but remains largely untapped. Through high-throughput robotic evolution, data generation, and parameter optimization, we are developing a rapid and robust discovery engine for novel peptide therapies.

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