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Mike Fenn

Innovation Fellow, Healthcare & Lifesciences

i-lab Advisor

Mike Fenn
Dr. Michael Fenn has diverse experience in the life sciences and healthcare space. Previously, he was an NIH-funded assistant professor of biomedical engineering, and has advised or co-founded over 20 life science startups. His expertise includes biomaterials, nanomaterials, biophotonics, tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting, machine learning, medical devices, diagnostics, & drug delivery. He holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, and B.S. in Chemistry. Prior Experience: Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Director of the Center for Medical Materials and Biophotonics at Florida Institute of Technology. Founder of Scicolab Ventures, a life science startup and venture capital consulting firm. Scientific Advisory Board Member of Nexien Biopharma (OTCQB: NEXN), BioFuse Medical Technologies, & JoinTech Labs. Previous experiences span from working in neurosurgery, to collaborating with experts in FDA regulatory, IP, and GMP manufacturing.