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Phil Green

Senior Advisor, B2B & Tech

i-lab Advisor

Phil Green
Phil has been a CEO, CTO, COO, and a Product manager and brings 30 years of experience in building companies, products, services, and teams in the B2B space. As a former CEO, he built a customer base of 5,000 organizations, in 50 countries, serving over 1 million users. As a former CTO, he has built web-based enterprise applications, as well as consumer mobile apps for IOS and Android. Phil was an early pioneer in the No SQL space, enabling customers to manage their data with unmatched flexibility. He has used artificial intelligence large language models to automate moderation for a community engagement product. He has sold to corporates, government agencies, and non-profits, including organizations such as: Pfizer, Owens Corning, Goldman Sachs, Frito-Lay, Newsweek, Cirque Du Soleil, NASA, USAID, Lincoln Center, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Australian Stock Exchange, Imperial War Museum, New Zealand Parliament, Generalitat de Catalunya etc. Phil is a Techstars alumnus and has been an angel investor for many years. He is also an alumnus of both Harvard College and Harvard Business School.