Introducing the Harvard Innovation Labs 2018 Fall Venture Incubation…
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Introducing the Harvard Innovation Labs 2018 Fall Venture Incubation Program (VIP) Teams

Team holding a sign reading "Coding it Forward" (venture name) and the Hi Logo

In her latest op-ed for, Harvard Innovation Labs Executive Director Jodi Goldstein shared a few thoughts about how to create work environments that nurture inspiration.

She wrote, “Nurturing inspiration is a key first step in building an innovative product or service… More often than not, inspiration strikes when engaging with in a topic outside of your industry.”

If you’d like to engage with ideas from outside your industry that could spark inspiration, take a moment to read about the newest Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Incubation Program (VIP) cohort.

54 ventures are participating in the fall semester VIP. The teams represent a broad diversity of industries: 20% are focused on social impact, cultural entrepreneurship or education; 32% on consumer products or services; 22% on health and sciences; and 26% on enterprise or high tech. The startup founders come from every Harvard school — an excellent expression of the One Harvard vision to foster collaboration amongst the entire Harvard community.

You can read more about the wide-range of problems that these ventures are working to address below:


  • Bundle - We provide back-up/flexible child care as an employee benefit for working parents, helping employers reduce absenteeism and attract and retain talent.
  • Content Opinions - Creating conversation between unfamiliar perspectives.
  • Dystrophic - Dystrophic is a game development studio creating Hexile, a surreal puzzle game based on themes of environmentalism and social awareness.
  • GoPay - GoPay helps international students convert currency cheaply to pay directly to their university or any foreign bank account.
  • Gumshoe - Personalized restaurant recommendations for individuals or groups.
  • Hellofriend - Hellofriend is a decentralized social networking platform for people to buy and sell social experiences around the globe.
  • Honeybird - Honeybird is a consumer products company taking on stress, anxiety, and poor sleep. Our first product is a weighted blanket.
  • Lesson Squad - Music lessons in the comfort of your home.
  • LeverEdge - Decrease student loan rates by negotiating on behalf of large groups of potential borrowers.
  • MixTape - Mixtape combines the ease of music streaming with the sentimentality of mixtapes to help you share music more meaningfully with the people you love.
  • prettychill - We deliver frozen plant-based mini-meals in convenient resealable bowls straight to your door. Always gluten-free, dairy-free, and delicious.
  • ReMana - ReMana is reinventing how women pump, store and feed breastmilk. The system reduces the chance of spilling, requires less cleaning and is sustainable.
  • Settlyt - Settlyt is a real money peer-to-peer platform that facilitates challenges and arguments between friends in a social way.
  • Spruce - Spruce & Co creates simple products that encourage a healthy lifestyle through everyday routines. Our first product, Sprucies, are gentle, natural, disposable screen cleaning sheets designed to keep your mobile devices clean and bright.
  • The Key - We are a location-based, professional networking and career-management tool for the youth, helping them build relationships and find job opportunities.
  • Venuefly - Venuefly makes it easy to find event spaces — our platform allows bookers and venues to find, communicate, and transact with each other.
  • Voodles - Voodles is the first-ever vegetable-based dry pasta. It's organic, allergen-free, and most importantly, unexplainably delicious.

Health and Sciences

  • bio.x - bio.x provides a cost-efficient individual-tailored therapeutics platform for human diseases.
  • Epigene Medicine - Smart aggregation of genomic data for drug discovery in oncology.
  • Flotherm - Flotherm is a novel thermal-compression device for perioperative warming of surgical patients at risk for inadvertent perioperative hypothermia.
  • Green Screen - Passive cooling screens designed for the slum communities of Delhi and made of agricultural waste, which would have otherwise been burned by farmers.
  • g.Root Biomedical Services - g.Root is a biotech company using algorithms and artificial intelligence to help people interpret and understand complex genetic testing results.
  • Koldchain - Koldchain has developed a solution that combines big data and thermosensitive polymers to monitor vaccine & biotech cold chains and prevent fraud.
  • Manifold Bio - Creating a new paradigm of protein engineering for therapeutics and diagnostics through high-dimensional data generation and machine learning.
  • Memora Health - Memora Health builds workflow productivity software for health care organizations to automate and scale outpatient communication.
  • MindMics - We build earphones that help to achieve healthier and happier life by providing mind and body monitoring system.
  • Nivien Therapeutics - Nivien Therapeutics finds and develops innovation from tech transfer portfolios at top hospitals and universities.
  • PionEar Technologies - Revolutionizing the treatment of ear infections with low-cost, minimally invasive, and selectively permeable ear tube implants.
  • Umbulizer - Umbulizer is developing a reliable, low-cost, and portable device that can provide continuous ventilation to patients in resource-limited settings.

Social Impact, Cultural and Education

  • A Better Future - We mobilize volunteers to provide pro-bono consulting services for nonprofits on a national scale in China.
  • AfyaKit - AfyaKit exists to drive high quality care management by providing actionable, right-level analytics to health managers across Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Boost Finance - Boost Finance is a financial data platform that empowers employers to expand smart cash transfers, the worker benefit for a better future of work.
  • CareerCombo - CareerCombo is an online platform aimed at helping young adults both discover and plan for real careers that combine their different passions.
  • Chord - Chord allows people to buy a home in increments, building ownership at their pace, and unlocking a new vehicle for institutional investment.
  • Coding it Forward - Coding it Forward empowers students to use their tech skills to create social impact in fields like healthcare, education, nonprofit, and government.
  • Conversational DC - A way to learn languages through immersive, social, cultural activities (e.g. wine tastings, cooking classes) as if you were living abroad.
  • Growing Communities - Working to improve nutrition and health worldwide.
  • MDaaS Global - MDaaS is providing healthcare for the next billion by building the largest network of health centers in Africa.
  • The American Immigrant Project - The American Immigrant Project joins documentary filmmaking and investing to empower immigrant entrepreneurs across the United States.
  • Thrively Health - Thrively Health designs, evaluates, and scales community-driven initiatives that solve health, economic, and social problems facing women & girls.

Technology and B2B/Enterprise

  • AirCrew - We develop advanced catalytic materials to address global needs for air purification for residential, industrial, and automotive sectors.
  • ArchSpike - ArchSpike aims to streamline the process of building design and development by integrating real estate market analytics with design software.
  • DeepRE.ML - DeepRE.ML is a real estate technology firm that is looking to redefine how critical functions of commercial real estate investments are completed.
  • Elios - Elios provides an alert service for early signs of employee and customer risk.
  • eudios - We use machine learning to help companies understand and reduce their economic vulnerability to infectious disease outbreaks.
  • Inkrypt - A decentralized journalism and media content hosting platform that ensures content authenticity, resilience and censorship-resistance.
  • MyToolbox - Labor marketplace for skilled blue-collar workers, offering them a place to keep licenses up to date, find jobs and access basic financial services.
  • OZÉ - OZÉ is the business advisor in the pocket of every African entrepreneur. It's a mobile app that turns transactions into business insights.
  • Sensii - Product ID system based on material recognition.
  • STEMgem - STEMgem is a device toolkit that allows learners to build real, useful, and relevant technology. Our mission is to engage teenage girls in STEM.
  • TalentLab - TalentLab helps companies quantify the 'cultural fit' of their job applicants.
  • Translo - Translo is a privacy-preserving, decentralized, and secure biomedical data sharing platform.
  • Vikas Birhma - Vikas Birhma provides farmers and buyers a platform that empowers them with transparent price discovery and agency to sell and buy from anyone across India.
  • Weave - Weave enables rapid prototyping and management of cloud applications through a simple platform agnostic API and user interface.